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Армированная манжета сальник гост 8752 


Tel.: +7 (495) 640-19-07

        +7 (495) 785-15-85

Address: Mikhailova 41, Moscow, Russia

Sci-tech centre "REZINA" is an ambitious company striving for a leading position in a Russian rubber market.

We sell and produce the following goods - rubber details essential for every business and household. They are everyday stuff like vibration isolation materials Nowelle, transmission power belts, rubber rings, rubber seals, goods made of silicone and fluorosilicone rubber, electrically conducting rubbers Electroll, rubber and elastomeric floor mats, conveyer belts, raw/unbaked rubber compounds.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists - 4 Ph.D., young ambitious managers and high-skilled workers.

Our policy:

  • Strong ambition to understand clients' needs and help to solve the problems;
  • Providing our clients with vital information about new materials, products and developments;
  • Give advice and opportunity to discuss the principles of usage of our goods;
  • Usage the services provided by "Russian Post", logistic companies and express-post;
  • Flexible payment system to our loyal customers that helps to optimize your flow of funds.

In case if you have any questions concerning our goods and services, please, call and email. We will do our best to solve your issues and satisfy you.


Power belts   rubber compoundsbeltVibration isolation elastomeric mats Nowelle





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